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mark of love
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Iako je carski rez porod isto kao i vaginalni, često se stvaraju rasprave oko toga da je ovo lakši i manje bolan način porođaja. Mame koje su rodile carskim rezom počele su na društvenim mrežama objavljivati fotografije svog ožiljka s hashtagom #markoflove, kako bi pokazale koliko su ponosne na svoj ožiljak ljubavi. Imate li ga i vi?

Some people think if you have a cesarean you didn't really give birth and that it's the "easy way" getting cut through 7 layers and stitched back up again, not being able to walk without pain for weeks or stand up straight for weeks, it's not "easy" the first few days 80% of the time I relied on a wheelchair to get to where I wanted to go, even walking to the toilet and back was such an exhausting and excruciatingly painful struggle, I had to get a nurse to shower me, to help dress me. Even now, almost 8 months later, sometimes if I move to fast, my scar hurts, a cesarean is a MAJOR surgery and it's not "easy" it's hard, it's painful, it's months of recovery and it's brave! So many things can go wrong during a cesarean, but you do it for your baby And as for a cesarean mother not giving birth to their child, if I didn't give birth to my baby who did? Cause I have the scars to prove it💪🏼 #markoflove

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I have always been proud of my battle wound! This scar saved mine and my little girls life! Without it we wouldn't be here today and I wouldn't have the pleasure of bringing up a beautiful, extremely smart and unique little princess! C-sections are not the easy way out of childbirth they are the most painful and traumatic form of childbirth any mother can go through!! In my opinion I was robbed of my right as a woman to bring my child into this world and experiencing the miracle as I was put to sleep through it! No I did not take the easy way out or cheat and I certainly wasn't "too posh to push" I never chose this and I am still recovering and paying for it in so many ways! As a result of my labour and birth I developed PND, PTSD and took a while to bond with my baby. It is not something to be taken lightly! Women should never be ashamed of their scars! We are the unsung Heros our sacrifice saved lives this truely is the mark of love 😘 #cesareanawarenessmonth #cesarean #csection #birth #mother #baby #labour #markoflove #beproud #proud #depression #mentalhealth #bodybuilder #doingitforme #savedalife #stronggirl #happy #blessed #muscle #selfie #tummy #PND #pbloggers #lbloggers #curves #tonedandcurvy #curvygirls #anorexianervosa #loveyourscars #loveyourbody

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