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    Healing Power Amulet- This Healing Power amulet is used to attain the ability to heal rapidly, and in gaining knowledge of the medicines to be found in the plant and mineral kingdoms. Healing Amulet is best suited for rituals and spells involving healing and purification. When worn around the neck it will assist you in recovering more quickly from minor illness.

    Also when worn around the neck, Healing Amulet will help to understand and gain knowledge more quickly about minerals, plants, medicines, and other means that help cure and prevent sickness, disease, and stress. Wear the healing power amulet especially when you are studying anything about the above subjects.

    You may not realize it, but it's likely that you have objects in your home that have a history as being healing amulets, protective guards, or good luck charms.

    These healing items can be found tucked inside medicine pouches, crafted in jewelry to be worn as bodyguards, their use incorporated into healing sessions, or displayed in sacred spaces and home altars.

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